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Welcome to the Akune Kin Project wiki!

Akune Kin is an UTAU-loid character.
She has dual personality just like the Jekyll and Hyde.

Enjoy her Voice bank for UTAU and the MMD model!

Akune Kin Project Stuff List

Kai Chief/MMD modeling/WikiEdit etc (contact(twitter)/HP(MMD model Catalog of the"TypeKAI"))
BlueJerry Under a pause (Because of a school entrance examination)
Warnandess MMD accessory/MMD motion/Minecraft etc
Nui Masaki Character Voice/Singer/NicoNicoOfficialCommunity etc
Mashimaro[Ra+] Setting of Voice Bank etc
DoAICHI (KuriKuriP) Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement etc.

Contact us :
       twitter: kai20june

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