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Welcome to the Akune Kin Project wiki!

Akune Kin is an UTAU-loid character.
She has dual personality just like the Jekyll and Hyde.

Enjoy her Voice bank for UTAU and the MMD model!

5 MMD Models!
Full scratch models typeKAI(4models):

Edited model based on typeRummy model(Edited by Ashley-andRed):

7 Voice Banks were relased!
4 of them able to sing with UST written in romaji. :D
Voice sample movies


Basic Profile
Name Akune Kin She is japanese.
So, her family name is Akune, and the first name is Kin.
"Akune Kin" is same sound with the word "acne virus" in japanese.
She has an red acne on her left cheek. Its her trademark.
BirthDay 20,June She was created on an BBS.
The thread for her was made on the day in 2012.
Sex female  
BloodType B  
Hometown Izu-Oshima, Tokyo,
It is an island near by Tokyo. here(GoogleMap)
Age 16  
UdonNoodle Udon Noodle is one of Japanese traditional noodles.this(GoogleImage)
All of things She may be a perverse person...
Feature   Uunpopular artist / One of trade mark is red scarf et.al
Way of
"Monsieur muramura defuoo" It has no mean, but one of vogue words in japan.
American dog pizza taste In japan, corn dog is called as "American dog".
The "American dog pizza taste" is
fictitious variation of the "American dog".
She use it as ... blade or granede?
Musical instrument Quad guitar This is her custom guiter.
惡音キン エレキギター.png
Frisbee She throws pizza, quad guitar
or her cat on the head like a Frisbee.

physical feature
Color of Skin Suntan. (So her color of skin may changes with seasons.)
Hair Hairstyle is shortcat and the color is silver.
Eye Drooping eyes.Color is Pink.
Nose-shape Well-organized form.
Proportion She is slender, but the bust is 102cm (about 3.35feet).
Height and weight 164cm (about 5.4feet) but 85kg (about 187Pound)....hey!why?????? :(
Idiosyncrasy If she touches to male, she changes to a "pizza"!

dual personality
Idol mode This is girlish mode.Her beret is a living cat "Bousi Neko".
Wild mode This is boysh mode.Her dream is world uniform. Favorite music is Heavy Metal and Rock'n Roll
Pizza mode
She has one more mode, called "Mysterious Pizza mode".
If she touches to male, she changes to a "pizza".
When she is in this mode, her age of appearance is 37 eyars old,
and can discharge beam from her eyes.

The "pizza" may mean the Italian food,
or a big creature of pizza,
or ... sad girl with corpulent physique who eat a lot of pizza...It is your freedom how it is interpreted.

Human relations with other characters
Close Kasane Teto(Teto Kasane)
Bad Gacha Pin
Yearning Hatsune MIku(Miku Hatsune)

Her Cat on the head as a Beret
Name Common name is "Bousi Neco".
Official name is "Betreveness Ludovici Steiner". Its too long...:(
Sex Female
Character Cheerful and Lovely character.
Age Adolescence. She is interested in erotic things because of adolescence.(She is pure, I think)
Physical feature She is white cat but kin scribbled the mark of a heart form on the cat by pink marker.
Way of
"Ashita kara hounki dasu nya!"---It means "I am going to take out earnest from tomorrow, mew! " She Always adds to her words "mew!" because of a cat.
Favorite Food Cotton candy(Google Image)
HateFood "Nattou". It is tradigional japanese Fermented food. (Google Image)
Special ability She can disguise herself as anything.That is, she is a magical cat.
DBS system She joint to kin's head set by her protruding navel. The protruding navel is "Debeso" in japanese. So this system called as "DBS system"...exaggerated lol. (This system is alternative secondary profile.)

Emblem of Akune Kin
悪音キンのマーク.jpg The hart mark is symbol of the Idol mode, and the star mark means the Wild mode. The face is the cat "Bousi Neco" with the symbol of GEMINI, because of Kin is born in 20, June.

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